Burgundy Truffle – Brushed
Burgundy Truffle – Brushed

Product description: Due to strict controls with respect to shape, size and maturity level, Fungilicious® guarantees that only the best and most beautiful truffles which are at the peek of their maturity are put in jars. Only like this you are able to enjoy the true and unique aroma of the Tuber aestivum vitt.

Usage: Ideal for fresh pasta, in dips & sauces.

Ingredients: Truffle (Tuber aestivum vitt.), water, salt

net weight: 15 g / drained weight: 10 g

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Burgundy Truffle Slices
Burgundy Truffle Slices

Product description: Ready to serve, thin, pre-sliced truffle slices of tuber aestivum.

Usage: Ideal for salads, quick snacks on fresh baguette, or a delicious way to add a “special treat” to the main course.

Ingredients: Extra native olive oil, truffles (Tuber aestivum vitt.) salt

net weight: 50 g / drained weight: 15 g | net weight: 145 g / drained weight: 45g

Recipes Suggestions: Salad with truffle slices, Truffle toast

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