White Truffle Oil
White Truffle Oil

100 ml

Product description: This extra virgin olive oil, which has been drenched with the aroma of the exquisite white truffle, is a product that is essential for all gourmet kitchens.

Usage: Our “liquid gold” can be enjoyed the most on a fresh piece of toast, in salads, also in vinaigrettes as well as with fresh pasta.

Ingredients: Extra native olive oil, dehydrated truffles 0,75% (Tuber borchii 0,6%, Tuber magnatum pico 0,15%), natural truffle aroma.

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Parmesan cream with white truffle
Parmesan cream with white truffle

Product description: This creme is the perfect composition of parmesan-cheese and white truffle, offering a unique taste-experience.

Usage: It is possible to use the creme in many different ways, from adding it to Cream-Sauces or Soups to Potato-pure, Pasta or Risotto, and many more.

Ingredients: cream, parmesan cheese 25% (milk, salt, rennet), milk, extra virgin oliveoil 7%, butter, white truffle (T. magnatum pico) 3%, corn flour, soy lecithin, salt, natural aroma, aroma.


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