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Product description: Our Truffle-Pearls are created with the fine techniques of the molecular cuisine and are the perfect match for every professional and amateur cook. They are not only very decorative and practical, but also convincing with their intense Perigord Truffle aroma. Adding this Pearls to your meal will offer you a taste-explosion.

Usage: This Truffle-Pearls enrich a large amount of dishes with their caviar-like texture and fine Perigord Truffle aroma. Due to their versatility the pearls can be used in a large variety of culinary dishes from starters, over main courses to deserts.

Ingredients: Pasteurized. 50% truffle broth (T. melanosporum), water, modified potato starch, salt, natural truffle aroma, stabilizer (Sodium alginate), sepia ink, acidulant (citric acid), spices, lemon juice, stabilizer (xanthan gum), thickener (guar gum).


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